Left for dead: A horrific account of a fight for survival

"When questioned by the police, they asked me what I did to make him so mad. They asked me what I was wearing. Really, I was wearing nothing at the end of the day except major head trauma."

Krystal Saul was abducted then violently raped and beaten at the age of 15. She had to time her breaths with his hits so that he would think she was dead just to make it out alive. Watch as she tells her story of survival and the aftermath of such a traumatic experience.  

What was she wearing? 



The victim's advocate assigned to Krystal's case got her clothes back from evidence for her because she thought they might be an important part of her school memories. Before they were given back to her, her advocate attempted to clean the blood off with bleach. That is where the white stains came from. 

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