Pre-Wedding Day Questionnaire

Please use this form below to tell me as much about your day as you can. I realize that every question might not be entirely relevant as every wedding is different but I am positive the questions you do answer will give me some insight. The more I know about the day in advance the better! This helps to ensure I am always in the right place at the right time and that your wedding photography coverage is totally awesome! Once I receive your questionnaire, I will send you a follow up e-mail to confirm all of the information that you have provided. Thank you so much for sharing your big day with me! 

Your Name *
Your Name
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Your Partner's Name *
Your Partner's Name
First & Last Name
I would love any details to help me understand your unique love story which will assist me in telling your love story.
Mailing Address After the Wedding? *
Mailing Address After the Wedding?
If you would like me to be in direct contact with the couple, please specify. If you have a wedding coordinator, please add their name/contact #.
Please list time/location of preparation for both parties
If you will be putting on a dress or tux at a different location (for example, at the ceremony venue after your hair/make up), please specify here.
Will you be doing a First Look before the ceremony? *
First Looks are especially helpful for Fall/Winter Weddings in order to maximize day light photos.
Please specify as many details as possible to help assure we capture important moments like these.
Butterfly releases, balloon releases, special dances, etc.
Sparklers, Drive around the block and back, bird seed, bubbles, etc.
It is recommended that you ask your caterer to serve the photographer(s) food at the same time as you-especially if you would like to do a sunset sneak-away session. It helps tremendously if we are finished when you are finished.
Please allot 30-45 minutes if possible for photos of the bride and groom only. Please let me know if you need help with your timeline. I often help create these for my clients to assure the best light for photographs. If you have a timeline already, please be sure to include photographer arrival and departure based on the package you have chosen. :)
*Disclaimer: We do not guarantee any specific photographs, but we will make it a priority to capture any shots listed below.
This is very important. Please use this area to list each family grouping (using names/relationship to you) that you would like during your family formals time after the ceremony. This list will help make things go very smoothly and will keep everyone organized. Please also designate a friend or family member to call people up to be photographed. This designated person will use the list to call out each group of family members to get them ready for their photo. ***Please note, it is very important that you consider time restraints when adding to this list of formal photographs. It is absolutely vital that everyone who is in the formal groupings be ready to begin the session at the stated time. In order to not waste time searching for individuals, please be sure to communicate this to all those you would like to participate. Obviously it is your day, and I will do my best to get all the photos you want, but keep in mind that even with the best ushering in the world it can still take 4-5 minutes to find and arrange a group of people for a photo - so try keep the number of shots small - no more than 10 is ideal.*****
After your wedding, we will post a preview on social media and would love to tag any vendors involved to give them credit for their part in the wedding.
Can't wait for your big day!