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Denise and I go way back. We worked at a coffee shop together years ago. I always loved her positive energy and contagious laugh. A couple months ago I posted a photograph from one of my past sessions that included a couple and their dog. I posted about how much I love pets and how much I love photographing them. Denise saw the post and contacted me to have family photos made with her pup, Florence.

I was super thrilled to get to photograph Denise, her husband and their pup!

The day came and just as we got out of our vehicles to start the shoot it began to rain. We were shooting on Mount Nebo and the rain actually cleared everyone from the area so we decided to go ahead and get some photos. We also rescheduled to get some more. Florence was understandably not a fan of the rain. :) Our rescheduled session was last week. We decided to do the session in some local greenhouses just incase it rained again. We had a lovely time! Florence adventured around the various greenhouses. She sniffed the flowers and the workers of the Cumberland Street Nursery even petted her and gave her love.

Today, I messaged Denise so she could see her edited gallery and she gave me some very unfortunate news. Poor pup, Florence, passed away yesterday. Life is fleeting my friends. Just as quickly as memories happen, they are gone. Florence was an amazing little pup. She was so full of love and adventure. Her family cared for her so much. I know her life was short, but it was full. She had parents who cared enough to center an entire photoshoot around her. I am so thankful that we did that photoshoot together. I am thankful that I got to play with Florence and document some her last days. <3

FM8A9061 2.jpg
greenhouse photoshoot

Rest in peace, sweet girl <3